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Who is Better, Jessica Simpson or Katie Holmes?

October 2nd, 2011 0 Comments

2f089  jessica simpson 225x300 Who is Better, Jessica Simpson or Katie Holmes?

The world of entertainment is a world which cannot be separated from celebrities. That is why; there are many things that you can pay attention to when we are talking about celebrities. One of those things is the outfit used by the celebrities. For celebrities, using the same outfit with other celebrity can be a disaster.

When there are two celebrities using the same outfit at the same time or at the time which is almost the same, it will be interesting for us to judge who is the bets to wear the outfit. The example case can be seen in the experience of Jessica Simpson and Katie Holmes who wore the same Isabel Marant jacket at the time which was almost the same.

It can be said as a disaster for Jessica Simpson because it is already proven that more people said that Katie Holmes wore it the best. It is because Katie was able to mix and match the jacket stylishly with her shoes, bag, plain t-shirt, and dark denim pants. On the other hand, Jessica failed to do it and get a disaster from the comment of people who sees the picture of both of them wearing the same jacket.