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Amazon 10.1 inch tablet arriving before Xmas?

October 2nd, 2011 0 Comments

This week saw the launch of Amazon’s new 7 inch tablet, the Kindle Fire.

And quite a reaction it caused, an Android driven device – although admittedly with no 3G option or camera – priced at just $ 199.

The slate is positioned to potentially become the first real rival to the iPad, with no Android or other non-iOS tablet yet managing to make a meaningful impact in terms of market share.

And it has already caused reactions from the likes of Rim, manufacturer of the PlayBook, who cut its QNX-powered slate down to $ 299 from $ 499.

However, the rumours circulating regarding Amazon’s tablet plans over the last few months have always mentioned that the retailer was planning on launching two devices, not just one.

And it would seem that a bigger brother 10.1 inch tablet – the Kindle Bonfire, perhaps – is indeed waiting in the wings ready for launch.

According to the ever-present far east manufacturer-watching sources over at DigiTimes, Amazon will outsource production of the 10.1 inch tablets to Foxconn, and shipments will likely begin before the close of 2011 for “holiday season demand”.

In other words, the Kindle 10.1 could be with us in time for Christmas. Or rather, we should say it could be with the US in time for Xmas, the UK will no doubt still be waiting for the Kindle Fire to launch over here.

If a 10 inch version launches so soon after the 7 inch, is that going to leave some miffed punters who would have preferred to hang on for the full size Kindle tablet?

However, the 10 inch Kindle tablet is obviously going to be more expensive, so perhaps those who are plumping for a budget solution rather than a “true” iPad rival in terms of size – and tech, it may well have a camera, at least a front-facer – won’t be too dismayed when they see the device costs $ 300.

All of this is conjecture, of course, at this stage. We’ll let you know when we hear more on the grapevine.