Your photos are amazing, but didn’t get much likes. You need more followers and add more people to view what you’ve got. There are different questions common around the web because Instagram has overtaken the well-known social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Since Instagram has not been researched so widely like other two social media sites, the answer to these questions are hard to find out. Here, we are going to discuss some of the secrets to get more followers and likes on Instagram.

Think Beyond Square

Instagram is not all about square photos and you can play with this limit and discover other possibilities. All photos are not meant to be square. Landscape or horizontal images are also attractive. You can set 2:3 aspect ratios in your camera. You don’t have to be bound by square restriction. You may find a lot of apps to post uncropped photos.

Post on Instagram with Face

Our mind is subconsciously ready to see human faces. No matter in meetings, on the streets, on websites, in videos and social media. According to a research on over 1.1 million photos on Instagram, photos with human faces got up to 38% more likes than those without faces, and 32% more comments than those without faces.

Blue and Yellow Images Attract More Sales

If you are a small business or brand and sell products on Instagram, blue and yellow colors may work best, according to a study. It has become the platform to sell products very easily.

Brighter Colors Make Things Popular

In Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Aditya Khosla and others have studied the predictors behind the popularity of image and presented what they found on a research which consists of a data of 2.3 million pictures. They found that the color is very important for Instagram. Brighter colors have just doubled the popularity of a brand. So, you have to add some brightness to the pictures and choose brighter yellows, reds and blues.

Longer Captions Deliver Better Context

Longer captions are likely to add better context on your photos and to add more engagement when it comes to comments and likes. When it comes to sales, longer captions on product photos can add more sales than the ones with shorter ones.  Despite of what intention of you on using Instagram, longer captions which are telling the story behind the photograph on the go.







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