If you created profile on the social media, it is natural that you would prefer likes from the users as they instill positivity in the brain. There are many ways to garner appreciation from the visitors, although not many people are aware of. In this write up we would like to explore new strategies on how to become popular on INSTAGRAM.

Create a theme:

People who want to be the super star of the INSTAGRAM should create a profile with a unique theme. It is important to persist with the same visual representation in order to garner popularity among the users. For instance, if you are food artist, try to incorporate images of exotic cuisines as a part of the theme. Similarly, a company launching sports equipments in the market should post the pictures of their most amazing products. According to marketing experts, the theme should not only be well organized but must also be posted on a regular basis with minor tweaks.


One should be prompt in posting the pictures after certain time interval as it would help the followers to know when the fresh images are being uploaded. If the account stays static for a very long time without updates, it is bound to lose the loyal following. Therefore, frequent innovations in the theme are absolutely necessary to keep the visitors interested.

Eliminate monotonic thought process:

Posting similar picture over and over again might make the audience exhausted and the profile would lose their attention. Little bit of Humor or spice in the new images could attract them on a regular basis like bees to the honey. For instance, as a real estate developer you can post the images of the buildings whoever sometimes uploading the landscape features on the INSTAGRAM could prove to be a welcome change for the users.

Hash tags must inculcate curiosity:

It is a well known fact that hash tags are used to make the ideas popular on the INSTAGRAM.  To create the tag, one should use the optimized and unique version so that the people are able to find out the requisite content from the search box. Title of the tag should be a mini description of the pictures uploaded on the INSTAGRAM.

Although hash tags are very popular, people should not use them excessively as they can create a poor impression on the visitors. They might think that the profile owner is in desperation for more likes. Overuse of hash tags will render post with lots of clutters and might drive the visitors way.

Constant Engagement:

In order to enhance the popularity of the profile, engage with the audiences and answer their queries. As a result, you might get appreciation from the people for the acknowledgement of the likes as well as interaction.

Another most important technique to attract the attention of the people is to create clear and amazing photo snaps. For example, A DSLR shot is bound to win many more likes from the users on the INSTAGRAM.  Some of the factors such as suitable angle or color contrast play a very important role in enhancing the attributes of the photograph.