Twitter is the biggest social media platform. Majority of twitter users are doing businesses, who are trying to spread information about their product and services. Twitter is frequently used by celebrities to interact with their fans. Twitter is great platform where businesses, brands and service providers can interact with their consumers. Personal users also use twitter for various reasons as to fallow their favourite celebrities, find career opportunities and get brand information. Twitter provide a great platform for those who want to make money. If you have good talent in marketing then you can use your twitter account for earning money. There are various ways to make money with twitter; I have mentioned some of them below-

  1. RevTwt– This is platform working on pay-per-click model. The more followers you have, the more money you can earn. You can share advertising campaigns with your tweets and you can earn when someone clicks on it. You can also get higher payout campaigns when you build a good reputation. There is one website which you can use to generate revenue from tweets. This website gives payment via PayPal account once you earn $20.
  1. MyLikes – This is advertising platform where you can select from various advertisers. You can also select a specific time schedule when the advertisement will be tweeted via your account. Here you get the great opportunity to select advertisers, so you can tweet as per your followers interest and you can get more and more clicks. Take full advantage of to earn via twitter.
  1. Sponsored Tweets- This is famous ad-service for twitter where you get the advantage of setting your own pay per click price for your ads. You can not only select ads form the list of advertisers but you can also fix your own pay per click price. There are some conditions to register for this ad-service such as minimum 100 tweets, 50 followers and 60 days old account. is one of the best social ad-services with many opportunities to earn.
  1. Twittad– This is one of the oldest platform for advertising on twitter. This platform allows you fix your pay per click cost but you have get confirmation from advertisers after bidding your cost. Once you get the confirmation you can start tweeting and earning. Select your advertisers as per your niche to get good results. If your niche is matching with advertiser’s niche you can get good cost per click.

These are some ways where you can make use of your social networking and marketing skills to earn money. Even if you do not have your own blog or content you can earn from your twitter account.  You can create a twitter account for your favourite niche and you can start posting interesting contents from other blogs and websites to attract followers. As soon as your followers list starts increasing you can make use of any of the above advertising platforms to earn money. This is how you can earn with twitter.