When the face book was launched in 2006 it attracted large number of people in its fold due to the attractive user interface. Over a period of time, the number of users increased exponentially to make it the most popular social media website on the planet. Once the account is created on the Face book, you c an easily connect to friends, family members and colleagues. They can interact with each other, share information and images about the new events or milestones they achieved in life.

As the users multiply, they are interacting with each other to collaborate on different tasks, play games together and enjoying news from various media websites. Some people are using the Face book to find their old friends who got lost in the vagaries of time.

After becoming a member of the social media, you can post diverse content on the wall. It can be related to different topics as per the requirements and specifications.  Wall is an important component of the website because it allows your friends to comment on the post and make their thoughts expressive.

Face book has been very popular among 400 million users around the world. Therefore, it is important for the company to post advertisements and attract large number of people. Relevant, fresh content plays a very important role in enlightening the users about the launch of the new products and services in the market.

One of the most popular reasons for the face book to become an attractive option to the people is its capability to target a particular niche of customers with innovative strategies.  Face book maintains a huge catalogue of personal information about the profile such as gender, demography, age, marital status and many more.

The targeted ads are created enabling the local business to extend their outreach among the customers.  As result, people can find business leads depending on their geographical locations without any hassles.  In case of any discount, the information could be uploaded in the form of posts.

With the usage of face book, the customer’s outreach can be extended to a great degree as the companies can directly get connected through the profile. It is a well known fact that social media has changed the lives of people by many notches in recent times. A small company can advertise its products to various customers spanning across the continents and engage them to transform the brand into a global entity.

Multiple ad view is one of the most important aspects of face book that has been deployed by the organization to boost their sales. For instance, adverts are seen lot of times by the users on the social media platform; therefore they get noticed leading to the generation of business leads. Although face book is used by people to chat and interact with each other, the branding creates a favorable impression on their mind. Increased exposure to the company is bound to enhance its prestige among the prospective customers and provide it with the necessary fillip to become a multinational brand.