Facebook is the social networking site which welcomes all kinds of businesses to promote their products and services. When your business or website or blog is at start-up phase then, facebook provides you the preeminent option to promote via facebook fan page. Creating your facebook fan-page will get you closer to your goal of attracting more and more fans. Fan-page creation is just a first step, but your important task starts after that.  Below is the list of tasks which will help you to increase your facebook fans.

  1. Create Facebook Fan-page- This step is must if you have not done yet. Fan-page is powerful marketing tool with great potential of creating relationship between you and your fans. While creating this page keep in mind that this page will act like your brand and you are the person responsible for building your brand name. Always remember first impression is last impression so decide what you want to project from your profile.
  2. Invite Friends – Once your page is ready to go live, it is time to spread it as much as possible. First option is directly given by facebook to invite all your friends to like your fan page. This is your chance to convert all your friends, colleagues, associates, supporters and relatives to convert into your fans. N-
  3. Promote on Other Fan-pages- Become Fan of some famous Fan-pages which are related to your fan-page category and then you can post you fan=page links on the comments and you will get best results as the fan-page is already established with decent number of fans.
  4. Contest – Running small contest on the fan-page is the best technique to attract more and more fans. With each participant the net work of the participant will notice your page. You can encourage winner to upload the details of about his win tagging your fan-page and your fan-page will get noticed by decent number of people.
  5. Facebook URL- Do not miss a single chance to promote your facebook page free of cost. I mean you can use facebook page URL on your website or blog’s home page. If you send lots of email everyday then it is good practice to include facebook fan-page URL with you signature.
  6. “Facebook Like” Tools- Facebook like buttons and very easy to catch attention of the visitor, so add such button on your website and blog so that visitors can like your fan-page easily. Also there are tools which shows real faces of fans who have already liked your page, hence new visitor will hit the like button and become your fan.
  7. Keep Fan-Page Interesting- Keep your fan-page engaging and interesting as per your fans.

If your fans find the content interesting then they will get tempted to share the content and you will get more likes from your fan’s network.

Use attractive pictures, quotes, tips, quizzes and surveys which will hold interest of your fans. Frequent posting of quality content on your fan-page will give you good result.